Ensure healthy, thriving habitats throughout Southeast Alaska that support all life stages of resident, anadromous, estuarine and marine dependent fishes across their historical range


Support cooperative fish habitat conservation, restoration, and management in freshwater, estuarine and marine ecosystems across Southeast Alaska with consideration of economic, social, and cultural interests of local communities in our endeavors

Why We Exist

Southeast Alaska is a unique and special place filled with many small vibrant communities that rely heavily on their surrounding natural resources.  These communities share a deep relationship rooted in the bounties of pristine and productive fish habitat.  While overall salmon and other fishery populations remain strong here, localized declines and areas facing habitat degradation spurred the formation of the Southeast Alaska Fish Habitat Partnership.

The Southeast Alaska Fish Habitat Partnership strives to facilitate regionally relevant strategies to support cooperative fish habitat conservation and management in Southeast Alaska.  To date, most fish habitat conservation and restoration efforts in the region have been conducted unilaterally by large organizations such as the U.S. Forest Service or through small collaborative efforts with non-governmental organizations (NGOs ) working with agency partners.  The Partnership intends to broaden these efforts in the future by providing a framework for improved information sharing, funding coordination and interagency/partner cooperation.

Who We Are

We represent local communities, governments, tribes, landowners, businesses and the non-profit community. This focus on a bottom-up, locally driven, voluntary and non-regulatory effort was inspired by the approach outlined in the National Fish Habitat Action Plan (NFHAP; www.fishhabitat.org ). The mission of NFHAP is to “protect, restore, and enhance the nation’s fish and aquatic communities through partnerships that foster fish habitat conservation and improve the quality of life for the American people.”

Our Partnership is part of a broader network of fish habitat partnerships in the U.S., and one of five fish habitat partnerships operating in Alaska. The Southeast Alaska Fish Habitat Partnership became recognized by the National Fish Habitat Board as a candidate fish habitat partnership in the fall of 2011, and fully recognized in the spring of 2014. The Partnership proceeds in a manner consistent with goals and objectives addressed in the National Fish Habitat Action Plan.

We invite local, state, tribal, and federal governments and non-governmental and private organizations and individuals in Southeast Alaska to join this voluntary collaboration.

Strategic Priorities (Strategic Vision of Partnership 2014-16)

SEAKFHP completed its initial strategic action plan in January 2014 after a draft plan was released for regional review in conjunction with the 2013 Southeast Alaska Watershed Symposium held November 4-6, 213 in Juneau.

This plan lays out a blueprint for the SEAKFHP to follow to meet its mission with measurable objectives and actions that partners and others can use to gauge progress and success in advancing shared conservation goals. The partnership has three initial priority conservation goals:

  • Protect fish habitat in freshwater systems, estuaries and nearshore-marine areas in Southeast,
  • Maintain water quality and quantity in those areas, and
  • Restore and enhance fragmented and degraded fish habitats in impacted areas.

In addition the plan provides strategic direction to the partnership for the next 3 years.  Current expertise and the focus of SEAKFHP partners are on populations of resident and anadromous salmonid species in freshwater, estuarine, and nearshore/marine habitats.  As the partnership matures, focus may expand to other fish and invertebrate species or key stressors that are noted in the strategic plan.  With the guidance of this expertise and focus four strategic priorities, referenced as core functions in our plan, have been identified:

  1. Grow diversity and capacity of the SEAKFHP linking natural resource science and management with regional interests, local and traditional values and community needs;
  2. Build organizational strength & perseverance of the SEAKFHP for long-term sustainability and functionality;P
  3. Provide services to partners that foster regional cooperation and understanding and result in improved on-the-grounds conservation efforts across Southeast; and
  4. Facilitate regionally relevant fish habitat conservation strategies (protect fish habitat and maintain water quality and quantity across Southeast, and restore and enhance fragmented and degraded fish habitats in impacted areas).

Fact Sheet

Take a peek at our 1-page summary fact sheet to learn more about the Southeast Alaska Fish Habitat Partnership.