Become a SEAKFHP Partner

Become a Partner!

You have the opportunity to play a key role in fish habitat conservation in Southeast Alaska. SEAKFHP Partners are the basis for on-the-ground projects as well as being the local eyes and ears of the partnership.

Join today by completing a SEAKFHP Partnership Agreement and together we can work to provide healthy and vibrant fish populations throughout Southeast Alaska well into the future.

Becoming involved with the Southeast Alaska Fish Habitat Partnership is key to having robust fishing opportunities and healthy local coastal communities available to future generations. We want to provide you with information on issues affecting the future of fish habitat efforts in Southeast Alaska that you can share with others and use to determine a course of action that supports your own organizations’ philosophy, objectives and actions. Whether it is becoming involved with a local restoration project, providing funding or support for an important regional habitat project, or sharing your knowledge and expertise on a SEAKFHP committee, your decision to support the future of fish habitat is vital to our partnership success.

Our partners share in the belief that many benefits result when multiple partners come together to share resources, raise collective awareness and work collaboratively to improve fish habitat conservation efforts in the region. Through the actions and services available under the collaborative umbrella of the SEAKFHP, our partners seek a framework for improved information sharing, funding coordination and partner cooperation. Anticipated benefits include:

  • Improved partner and stakeholder coordination, including communication of priorities and management directions.
  • Improved public awareness regarding the value of habitat protection, management and restoration.
  • Improved understanding of regulatory processes that effect fish and their habitat.
  • Improved funding opportunities.
  • Improved planning and implementation of on-the-ground projects that lead to maintaining and improving habitats.

For further information please contact:

Deborah Hart
Southeast Alaska Fish Habitat Partnership Coordinator
419 6th Street, Suite 200
Juneau, Alaska 99801
Ph. 907-723-0258