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SEAKFHP shares draft strategic action plan at the 2013 SE AK Watershed Symposium and is looking for regional feedback!

The Southeast Alaska Fish Habitat Partnership (SEAKFHP), a candidate partnership under the National Fish Habitat Action Plan, works to foster cooperative fish habitat conservation in freshwater, estuarine and marine ecosystems across southeast Alaska.

The partnership formed under the belief that many benefits result when multiple partners come together to share resources, align strategic actions, and speak with a united voice about the conservation and value of productive and intact fish habitats at both local and regional scales. Partner expertise and focus is currently on populations of resident species and anadromous salmonids in freshwater systems as well as anadromous and marine species in estuarine and nearshore habitats. Our mission is to foster and facilitate regionally relevant strategies that will conserve and sustain the region’s fish habitat, fisheries-based economy, and culture.

To achieve this broad mission the partnership is working to develop a strategic action plan. During the 2013 Southeast Alaska Watershed Symposium the SEAKFHP Steering Committee shared a draft copy of the plan and is actively looking for regional input.  You can find a copy of the draft plan on our web site at this link:  SEAKFHPstrategicactionplan2014_2016_draft for 2013 SEAKWS_final or make a request directly to our coordinator at

The slide show above shares an overview of the SEAKFHP, provides background information on the National Fish Habitat Action Plan and the national fish habitat partnership architecture as well as includes a brief overview of the draft SEAKFHP Strategic Action Plan.