1st Annual Alaska Fish Film Festival – Archive

Alaska Fish Film Festival Showcases Alaska’s Fish, their Habitats and the Connections they provide

Over 20 short films were featured at the first annual Alaska Fish Film Festival that focus on the connections between people and salmon, the unique life cycle and habitat needs of different species, how ordinary people are helping conserve fish and their habitats, and more.

The films are from a variety of perspectives—from fishermen to subsistence users, researchers, volunteers, landowners, and the fish themselves.

The festival seeks to inspire fisheries conservation, grow appreciation for and awareness of Alaska’s fisheries and the many ways in which we’re connected to fish and all the goods and services they provide – as well as grow a collection of short films that can be shared with Alaskans and beyond. This webpage serves to archive the festival program and associated weblinks for each of the films.

1st Annual Alaska Fish Film Program can be downloaded here

Film descriptions and associated parent weblinks can be found here

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