National Partnerships

National Fish Habitat Partnerships – culturing capacity for conservation

Alaska Fish Habitat Partnerships (FHPs) are part of a national network ( of locally-driven, voluntary, and non-regulatory collaboratives that seek to conserve native fish and the many goods and services they provide (like food, jobs and recreation).

Fish Habitat Partnerships are the foundational work units that put the National Fish Habitat Action Plan into action. These active partnerships made up of diverse interests are increasingly essential when it comes to sustaining Alaska’s locally and globally significant fisheries – especially during times of economic hardship and in geographic areas where habitat overlays a mosaic of private, state, and federal lands.


What Alaska Fish Habitat Partnerships do:

  • develop regionally-relevant fish habitat conservation strategies
  • help identify and shape local projects that benefit and build awareness about Alaska’s native fishes
  • leverage resources to strategically protect intact habitats and restore key habitats that have been degraded
  • serve as a forum for information sharing
  • enhance regional capacity for on-the-ground fisheries and habitat conservation
  • National Fish Habitat Partnerships


Alaska and Adjacent Fish Habitat Partnerships

Coastal Fish Habitat Partnerships