Coastal Fish Habitat Partnerships

Coastal Fish Habitat Partnerships

The SEAKFHP, and nine other nationally recognized  fish habitat partnerships

Atlantic Coastal Fish Habitat Partnership | California Fish Passage Forum | Hawaii Fish Habitat Partnership | Kenai Peninsula Fish Habitat Partnership | Mat-Su Basin Salmon Habitat PartnershipPacific Marine and Estuarine Fish Habitat Partnership |  | Southeast Aquatic Resources Partnership | Southwest Alaska Salmon Habitat Partnership | Western Native Trout Initiative | Southeast Alaska Fish Habitat Partnership | Pacific Lamprey Fish Habitat Partnership

help to protect, restore, and enhance fish habitats in coastal marine environments through:

  • Outreach to enhance understanding and support for fish habitat improvements in marine systems
  • On-­‐the-­‐ground fish habitat restoration projects
  • Scientific research
  • Fish habitat assessments
  • Securing, leveraging and distributing resources
  • Coordinating projects at a variety of scales
  • Developing decision support tools
  • Sharing information


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