SEAKFHP Project Endorsement

logo_seakfhp_3Looking for a letter of support or endorsement from the SEAKFHP?

Endorsement of a fish habitat conservation or restoration project by the Southeast Alaska Fish Habitat Partnership (SEAKFHP) provides assurance to the National Fish Habitat Partnership  (NFHP) and other funding providers, that a project is responsive to SEAKFHP’s mission to support cooperative fish habitat conservation, restoration, and management in freshwater, estuarine and marine ecosystems across Southeast Alaska with consideration of economic, social, and cultural interests of local communities in its endeavors.

SEAKFHP – Project Endorsement Guidelines and Application Form

The SEAKFHP will endorse projects that promote fish habitat conservation and that address the strategic priorities of the SEAKFHP.  Projects that receive endorsement may use the name and logo of the SEAKFHP in grant applications, signage, and other informational materials.  Endorsed projects will be included in compilations of NFHP projects (e.g. lists and maps) with credit given to project sponsors.

SEAKFHP Project Endorsement Guidelines Document

Application Form

Endorsement Type

SEAKFHP offers 2 levels of endorsement: 1) Letter of Support outlining SEAKFHP agreement with the need and scope of the proposed project, and 2) Detailed review and full SEAKFHP Endorsement where feedback is provided from the SEAKFHP Science and Data committee to assist and improve the partner project proposal.  Detailed reviews may require additional time and information exchange with principal investigators.

If approved, a Letter of Support or Endorsement will be provided.  If your project has specific endorsement requests, please include them as part of your submission, and they will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Only those proposals seeking SEAKFHP Endorsement may use the SEAKFHP logo, so please include this request and intended use in your submission.

Endorsement Process:

The SEAKFHP Science and Data Committee (S&D) will review, summarize, and forward their recommendation whether or not to endorse a project proposal to the SEAKFHP Steering Committee (Steering Committee). The Steering Committee will review the S&D recommendations and determine whether or not to endorse projects by consensus vote.  The Steering Committee may re-assess this process for project endorsement if it proves too time consuming.

Project proponents are encouraged to present the project, scope, and outcomes of their project topic at regular Steering Committee,  S&D Committee, or an invited meeting.   To promote a climate of professional, objective, review, project proponents who are Steering Committee or S&D Committee members or their organizational affiliates will not have voting privileges in the endorsement decision.  It is important to note the SEAKFHP endorsement process is intended to provide a constructive review service to the proponents, elevate the practice of fish habitat conservation activities in the region, and increase the competitiveness of project proposals originating from Southeast Alaska.

Endorsement Criteria

SEAKFHP endorsement is guided by a proactive approach towards cooperative fish habitat conservation, restoration, and management in freshwater, estuarine and marine ecosystems across Southeast Alaska. Please describe and provide adequate documentation of how your project meets the criteria listed below; projects submitted for approval must comply with the five criteria listed below.  A project that does not have an evaluation plan (i.e., how attainment of project goals will be evaluated) will not be considered for endorsement.

Projects must:

  1. Directly apply to conservation of fish and/or fish habitat;
  2. Demonstrate a positive effect and/or fulfill critical information needs on fish habitat or aquatic resources in Southeast Alaska;
  3. Address the goals and strategic actions of the SEAKFHP Strategic Action Plan ( ; and
  4. Be consistent with the goals of the National Fish Habitat Action Plan (


1)       Please provide a project proposal, or other document that describes the project, and contact information for an individual who is familiar with the project.

2)      Please include any other supporting information that you would like considered, as part of your submission.

Endorsement Time Frame

Please provide a complete application at least two weeks prior to the date that you would like to receive a response from SEAKFHP.

Application Form and Submittal Process

The SEAKFHP Endorsement Guidelines and Application can be downloaded here: SEAKFHP Project Endorsement Guidelines Document.  In addition the application form is available in a Word document format and can be downloaded from here: Application Form.

The application form, and additional project documentation, may be submitted electronically to the SEAKFHP Coordinator at You may also contact the SEAKFHP Coordinator with any questions regarding this process or to make arrangements to share a project overview with the SEAKFHP Steering Committee or SEAKFHP Science and Data Committee, the coordinator can be reached directly at 907-723-0258.