SEAKFHP Strategic Action Plan

The focus and activities of the Southeast Alaska Fish Habitat Partnership (SEAKFHP) have been developed through a collaborative effort of SEAKFHP Partners and are documented in the partnerships Strategic Action Plan. This plan, updated for the time period of 2017-2021, includes three components – a two-part conservation action plan focused on the freshwater and coastal fish habitats across Southeast Alaska and a business plan outlining the partnerships organizational structure, activities and funding strategy.

SEAKFHP’s Fish Habitat Conservation Action Plan 2017-2021

SEAKFHP Operational Strategy and Business Plan 2017-2021

The partnership’s initial strategic action plan, SEAKFHP Strategic Action Plan 2014 – 2016, remains an important resource for the partnership as it provides the history of the partnership including the foundational conservation actions achieved in the region.

SEAKFHP is a nationally recognized fish habitat partnership and follows the guidance of the National Fish Habitat Action Plan (NFHAP). As such our conservation goals and partnership actions are closely tied to this national plan. In addition to guidance offered through the national plan success of the partnership relies on the collaboration, cooperation, and support of regional partners including federal, state, local and tribal governments, academic and research institutions, industry, nonprofit organizations, and citizens.