Klawock Lake Sockeye Salmon Stakeholder Meeting – Fall 2017

This page is dedicated to the Klawock Lake Sockeye Salmon Stakeholder Meetings that took place in May and November of 2017.


The Nature Conservancy’s Klawock Lake Sockeye Salmon Retrospective Analysis (2017)

1999 Sockeye Conference, Klawock (conference agenda and presentation information)

History of limnological and fisheries investigations at Klawock Lake in Southeast Alaska, 2001 (Lewis, ADFG)

2017 Klawock Lake Sockeye Salmon Meetings_Overview


Klawock Lake Sockeye Salmon_May 2017 Public Meeting Agenda

Klawock Lake Sockeye Salmon Public Meeting May 2017_Notes


Final Notes: Klawock Lake Sockeye Stakeholder Meeting

Klawock-Lake-Sockeye-Stakeholder-Meeting-Participants Final Agenda

Glossary of common terms

Fall Meeting Presentations:

A Brief Look at Sockeye Salmon – Hal Geiger, St. Hubert Research Group/Megan McPhee, UAF


The Klawock Lake Story – Christine Woll, TNC

Klawock Lake Watershed Sockeye Spawning Habitat Assessment – Cathy Needham, Kai Environmental

Klawock Lake Sockeye Fish Abundance – Steve Heinl, ADFG

Federal Subsistence and Klawock River/Lake – Jeff Reeves, USFS

Fisheries Genetics in Alaska – Serena Olive, ADFG

Harvests of Wild Foods in Alaska – Lauren Sill, ADFG

Klawock Hatchery History and Activities – Jeff Lundberg, Klawock River Hatchery

Salmon Fishery Enhancement in Alaska – Mark Stopha, ADFG

2017 Fall Meeting Flyer: 

Pre-Fall Meeting Workgroup Resources

Lake Ecology:

Lake Ecology Pre-meeting Workgroup 1st and 2nd Meeting Summary

Lake Ecology Pre-meeting Workgroup Synthesis

Production potential of sockeye salmon nursery lakes in southern southeast Alaska (Zadina et al. 1995 – RIR.5J.1995.03)

ADFG Policy and Guidelines for Lake Fertilization, 1979

Habitat Restoration: 

Klawock Watershed Condition Assessment (USFS, CCTHITA, 2002)

Klawock Watershed Road Condition Survey (ADFG, 2002)

Fisheries Abundance/Management:

Meeting Notes, Sept 21

Meeting Notes, Oct 23

Biological and Hydrological Studies Klawock Lake River Estuary 1976 1977  ADFG FRED Report, Bates 1978

Klawock River Weir Data – 1947 report

Fisheries Rehabilitation/Enhancement:

Fisheries Rehabilitation/Enhancement Opportunities Workgroup 1st meeting notes

Fisheries Rehabilitation/Enhancement Opportunities Workgroup 2nd meeting notes

Klawock River Hatchery Water Temp and DO 2012-2017

Comprehensive Salmon Enhancement Plan for Southeast Alaska: Phase III (ADFG, 2004)